It makes a huge impact on a young child when they see grown-ups being physically or verbally violent.

They hear the threats, they witness the violence and they see the physical damage afterwards. It affects their whole life; how they view the world and relate to others, how well they do at school, how they contribute to society as adults.

Family Works social workers see the trauma first hand in children; anxiety, fearfulness, sleeplessness, bed wetting. Some children are angry, withdrawn or conflicted, some are just exhausted and need a safe place to rest, away from the family violence. Some just need someone to tell them the violence wasn’t their fault.

These are the children who need help right now. With support from the Family Works team of social workers, counsellors and parenting educators, families can start turning their life around today, so their children are safe.

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Everyone loses when family violence is tolerated by a society.
The child loses, the family loses, the community loses, and future generations also lose!

Shamefully New Zealand has one of the highest rates of family violence in the developed world. And here on the East Coast we see the same high rates.

This is an epidemic. We can’t keep waiting for someone else to fix it.
But, we can all start working together now to stop this senseless violence to children in our region. And we can change the lives of future generations of children.

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